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  • IBT General Secretary-Treasurer Ken Hall’s Misrepresentations Exposed!!!
    Updated On: Feb 37, 2017

    May 29, 2013

    Many of you will be receiving a letter from IBT Secretary-Treasurer Ken Hall regarding the dues increase HE imposed last Summer.  This is nothing more than a political ploy aimed at turning the membership against their local leadership and to distract you from the substandard UPS contracts he Chaired in negotiations.  It is no coincidence the timing of this letter coincided with the mailing of ballots for the National Master Agreement, the Central Region Supplement, and yesterday's “last offer” from UPS on the Louisville Air Supplement. 

    As you know, Local 89 had fought to keep dues low for part-time members for the past decade. However, Local 89 was told to raise dues by IBT Auditor Scott Hilton on Wednesday, May, 23, 2012 stating your local union was out of compliance with 2.5 rate defined in the Article X of the International Constitution.  Local 89 Secretary-Treasurer John Bolton sent a letter dated June 7th, 2012 to IBT Secretary Treasurer Ken Hall asking him to grant a waiver on the increase in dues.  Hall did not respond. 

    On August 28, 2012 Secretary-Treasurer Bolton, again, mailed Ken Hall a second letter requesting a waiver after he failed to speak with Local 89 President Fred Zuckerman about the unfair increase on part-time workers.  Again, there was no response to this letter. 

    Through these actions, Secretary-Treasurer Ken Hall has not only disrespected and insulted the membership of Local 89, he has also brought blight upon all Teamsters across this great nation.  While he continues to play politics with your livelihoods, Local 89 will continue to fight for the quality of life you deserve. 

    You can view and read proof of Ken Hall's misrepresenations in their entirety here

    Letter to the Membership

    Repsonse to Ken Hall regarding his misrepresentation to Local 89 members

    Ken Hall's Letter

    June 7, 2012 Letter to Secretary-Treasurer Ken Hall regarding dues increase

    August 28, 2012 Letter to Secretary-Treasurer Ken Hall regarding dues increase

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