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  • UPS Freight Contract Update
    Updated On: Oct 26, 2018

    Last evening Teamsters Local 89 received notification from the IBT that UPS Freight had submitted a “Last, Best, and Final Offer” to the Teamsters National UPS Freight Negotiating Committee.

    The IBT has also instructed all UPS Freight Local Unions to conduct an in-person vote for this contract from November 9-11 and have given Local Unions the authority to determine what location and times to conduct the vote.

    Teamsters Local 89 has decided to use this authority from the IBT to conduct these votes on November 9th directly at our UPS Freight locations. If there are any members who do not vote on November 9th, then voting will continue on November 10th and 11th at the Local 89 Union Hall in Louisville, and the UAW Union Hall in Bowling Green. The vote will be conducted via secret ballot using a secure voting box and will follow all procedures outlined in the Teamsters Constitution for such a process. We have not yet decided on times, but as previously mentioned voting will be conducted on all three days that the IBT has given us to perform this task, or until all members have been marked as having cast a ballot.

    Further information on this process will be mailed directly to all Local 89 UPS Freight members as soon as all details have been finalized.

    Although this Final Offer does include improvements over the previously rejected contract, the primary changes are simply the removal of concessions that the IBT agreed to in the first Tentative Agreement. The Final Offer still fails to adequately address subcontracting and rail-work, non-split and higher wage increases, and improvements in vacation pay, all of which were high priority items for members nationwide.

    In its letter, the IBT notes that UPS Freight is insistent that “there is no more money to be had”, and yet just yesterday UPS announced that the Freight and Supply Chain Division increased their profits by 33.3% over this same time last year, a gain of $260 million dollars in only the third quarter.

    Although the National UPS Freight Negotiating Committee has taken a neutral stance on this Final Offer, Teamsters Local 89 stands by the no recommendation we gave the previous UPS Freight Tentative Agreement and encourage our members to reject this Final Offer.

    In the letter released by the IBT they state “You have already authorized a strike. While a strike is a last resort, if you reject this final offer from the company there will be no other options and there will be a strike at a time and location(s) determined by the negotiating committee”.

    What is not clear in the IBT’s letter is whether or not they will once again enforce the Article 12, Section 2 criteria of 50% participation or 2/3rds rejection that they used to forcibly ratify the UPS National Master Agreement as well as many attached Supplements and Riders (including the Central Region Supplement and Louisville Air Rider). We must assume, however, that they will do so, making it imperative that all members nationwide participate in this vote.

    You may read the IBT’s letter on this subject by clicking here.

    You may read the UPS Freight Last, Best and Final Offer by clicking here.

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