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  • UPS and UPS Freight National Negotiations Update
    Updated On: Apr 19, 2018

    Apr 19, 2018 - 

    UPS and UPS Freight National Negotiations Update

    Teamsters Local 89 has received a memo from IBT Package Division Director Denis Taylor that official re-opener notices have been given to UPS and UPS Freight for the National Master Agreement (NMA) and all Regional and Local Supplements, Addenda, Appendices, Riders, and Memorandums.

    In addition, the memo states that notices are being sent to the Federal Mediation Service and State Mediation agencies on behalf of all Local Unions that are signatory to the UPS National Master Agreement. These are the all-important “F7” notices that the Federal Government requires be filed at least 60 days in advance of a contract’s expiration in order to secure the right to strike any employer.

    Astute readers may recall that these documents were not filed by the IBT in 2013, an issue that Local 89 President Fred Zuckerman brought to light in a series of letters sent to the IBT at that time. This failure by the IBT led to a weakened hand at the bargaining table in 2013 as UPS was fully aware that the IBT would have no legal right to strike, and indeed, had not even legally reopened the NMA for negotiations.

    Thanks to Local 89 exposing this failure in 2013, UPS members around the country have been demanding to know whether the IBT would follow through in 2018 and properly re-open the contract and send the legally required F7 notices. We now have our answer.

    The fact that these all-important notices have been sent only strengthens our unions ability to negotiate with UPS and UPS Freight, not just at the national level, but at local level negotiations across the country.

    Thank you to the members nationwide who have pressured the IBT into acting responsibly and completing this basic step of bargaining that they failed so terribly at doing in 2013.

    You can read the memo Local 89 received as well as the notices here:




    You can read President Zuckerman’s 2013 letters to the IBT about these issues here:


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