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  • UPS National Negotiations Update
    Updated On: Feb 05, 2018

    Feb 02, 2018

    National Master Agreement – Article 40, Section 3.

    It has come to our attention that speculation has been spreading about the Article 40, Section 3 proposal the National Negotiating Committee released for the UPS National Master Agreement (NMA). New language was proposed to be added to this article that increased the daily guarantee for part-time members to 4 hours and specified overtime after 8 hours worked per day.

    As has been stated in several one-on-one discussions with members on this subject, this language would not affect the overtime after 5 hours enjoyed by members at Worldport as that language is in the Louisville Air Supplement, which overrides the NMA on such subjects. This is also the case for part-timers in other Local’s as their overtime rules are typically covered in regional or Local supplements (for example, overtime after 5 hours for part-timers is also outlined in the Central Region Supplement which covers our Ground hubs).

    Unfortunately, certain individuals have been spreading misinformation about this NMA proposal and indicating that Local 89 was misleading our members by saying it would not apply. These are baseless and blatant lies.

    It should be noted, the individuals spreading such lies are not involved in Local, Central, or National negotiations in any way, and would therefore absolutely not have access to the sort of knowledge they would need for such frivolous claims. This indicates everything these individuals are spreading is based completely on rumors and speculation, which at best makes them dangerously misinformed, and at worst means they are intentionally lying and misleading others for some unknown agenda.

    As such, allow us to set the record straight. The proposal made in the NMA would NOT affect Worldport part-timers overtime after 5 hours as overtime for part-timers is traditionally located in regional or local supplements, such as ours, and would therefore be unaffected if such language was adopted. Anyone who says otherwise is incorrect.

    In addition, Local 89 Secretary-Treasurer John Bolton and Vice President Avral Thompson, along with others who also sit on the National Negotiating Committee, raised concerns over such language being included in the NMA.

    Due to these concerns being raised, the IBT revised this proposal on Wednesday, January 31st, and submitted a new version to the Company that removed the language for OT after 8 hours. As the majority of the misinformation about this proposal began today (February 2nd), the fact that this proposal was updated two days prior to reflect that Supplements control part-timer overtime further proves those spreading this misinformation do not have their facts straight.

    Teamsters Local 89 has been working hard to be open and transparent about Local and National negotiations, and we fully intend to continue doing so as negotiations continue. We understand that there will always be rumors and speculation on the shop floor during contract negotiations, and that is why we encourage you to speak to your Stewards and Business Agents, and frequently check our Social Media and Website for Contract Updates rather than rely on a rumor mill that is more than often incorrect. It is always best to speak to your Union rather than listen to rumors and assume the worst.

    Attached below is the revised Article 40, Section 3 language that was given to the Company on Wednesday, January 31st during National Negotiations.

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