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  • Local 89 UPS Air Contract Negotiations Update
    Updated On: Jan 11, 2018

    Jan 10, 2018 - 

    The Teamsters Local 89 negotiating committee met with UPS for Louisville Air Supplement negotiations Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week. We would like to give you a detailed update on the progress of these negotiations, but there is no progress to report.

    In its arrogance, UPS continues to ignore major proposals from Local 89 and instead continually insists that we focus on their proposals, all of which are concessionary to our members.

    “We have made it clear to the Company time and time again that we are not interested in accepting concessions,” said Teamsters Local 89 President Fred Zuckerman. “UPS is recording record volume, record profits, and was just given a massive tax break from the Federal Government, and yet they continue to insist that they need concessions that would take away from the hard-working Teamsters women and men who have made the Company successful.”

    It seems nothing is safe from UPS’s insatiable corporate greed. The Company is even seeking to remove the ability to have “two-for-one” occurrences (unless a doctor’s note is provided), a long standing right our members have enjoyed that helps protect them from attendance discipline when they have unforeseen problems come up in their life that prevents them from coming to work for two days in a row.

    “In 2013 a concessionary contract was implemented on us, despite our unified opposition,” said President Zuckerman. “There was no excuse for concessions then, and there is certainly no excuse for any now. Our members deserve to gain back all that they lost due to the Company’s extreme greed in the previous contract, and they deserve that much more this time as the Company sees more profits than ever before.”

    In an effort to remain transparent and keep our members informed, Teamsters Local 89 is releasing the Company’s concessionary demands. Please read through their proposals and see for yourself how little UPS cares for the workers that have made them the industry titan they are today.


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