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  • Teamsters Local 89 Statement on National "Right-to-Work" Legislation
    Updated On: Feb 02, 2017

    Feb 02, 2017

    Less than a month after the passage of so-called “Right-to-Work” in Kentucky, the War on Workers is going national. Lawmakers in Washington D.C. have introduced National “Right-to-Work” legislation, which would force this deceptively named law on every state, including the 23 that have not passed it.

    At a time of stagnant wages and economic uncertainty, this assault on workers’ rights is completely uncalled for. Congress should be focused on creating jobs, strengthening our economy, and rebuilding our failing infrastructure, but instead they have chosen to attack the working people of America and the unions that represent them.

    Make no mistake, the introduction of this legislation is a declaration of war against the American Labor Movement. Teamsters Local 89 condemns this legislation on both the national and state levels. “Right-to-Work” was and still is wrong for Kentucky, and it is wrong for the United States of America.

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