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    Updated On: Sep 24, 2012


     The Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, Republican State Senate President David Williams and their corporate sponsors are vowing to SCAM Kentucky workers by making this state a Right-to-Work state and repeal Kentucky’s Prevailing Wage Law if they win on November 6, 2012. The plan is to take control of the Kentucky House of Representatives. It is time to communicate this clear and convincing message to our brothers & sisters that the stakes have never been higher. A Republican controlled House of Representatives will be devastating to our union backed paychecks. The Chamber of Commerce and most Republicans are enemies of working families like yours, and their Anti-Union agenda must be defeated on November 6th. 
     The Kentucky State Senate has been controlled by a Republican majority since 2000.  Today Republicans maintain 22-15-1 advantage in the State Senate with the one Independent caucusing with the Republicans – giving them a veto proof majority 23-15.
     While there is one or two possible Democratic pick up opportunities in the State Senate, our priority is to protect the Democratic majority in the House.  Currently, Democrats hold a 59-41 advantage in the House.  Republicans need to pick up 10 seats in 2012 to take control of the House.  While this is a tall order, in 2010 Republicans picked up 6 seats. There are four incumbent Democrats from rural, conservative regions of the state who have announced their retirement and the Republicans are challenging Democratic incumbents in 27 districts.  All signs indicate the Republican House Caucus, State Party and elected Republican officials are preparing to make a strong, unified push to gain a majority.  Remember, it only takes a simple majority in the Senate and the House to override the Governor’s veto!
     As you know, the best way to communicate your message with your co-workers is through direct contact by social media (Facebook, Twitter, ect.), a telephone call or in person.  This election is critically important to you and your co-workers and I encourage you to do everything possible during the next 6 weeks to encourage your co-workers and their families to vote for our endorsed candidates on November 6, 2012.  Absentee and Early Voting which begins on October 19, 2012 & should be a key component of your message to your co-workers.  Many of your co-workers may be working out of town or out of state and you should encourage them to vote early!

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