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  • Rand Paul’s National Right to Work petition, the GOP’s ultimate lie
    Updated On: Jul 10, 2012

    Rand Paul’s National Right to Work petition, the GOP’s ultimate lie

    Written by Paul Betzler on May 9, 2011

    Senator Rand Paul’s  (R-KY) National Right to Work petition can certainly be argued that it is a big component of the current GOP assault on the middle class. Paul’s petition is without a doubt a misrepresentation of the facts or to be blunt, full of lies and a self-serving piece of garbage. Did the origination of the petition have something to do with the fact that, in 2009  Kentucky ranked third in light vehicle  production in the United States while employing 65,000 in 2009 (thinkkentucky.com) Is he simply repaying his campaign contributors that employs in his state? (Toyota,Ford,GM). After what we have seen in states throughout the country, Paul’s petition looks more like a mandate of the GOP . Some content from the petition represented by Rand Paul and the realities. 

    Rand Paul's position: Forced unionism 

    Reality: Unions can only enter the workplace through ELECTIONS and the majority of employees voting “YES” (a sign of democracy (Labor law) 

    Rand Paul's position: Unions create higher taxes 

    Reality: We are at the same taxing levels by percentage as we were in the 1970′s. (Bureau of Economic Analysis) 

    Rand Paul's position: Unions drive good jobs overseas 

    Reality: NAFTA and other trade agreements have destroyed our manufacturing industry as wages in NAFTA countries are far less than in the U.S. Along with the destruction of the environment in these countries,it would be difficult to compete even at the poverty level. Could this be why you see the GOP assault on consumer protections and the EPA  in this country, to allow business in this country to do whatever it pleases so the GOP can claim they created jobs, and we maybe then can compete with China. 

    Rand Paul's position: Violent strikes by unions 

    Reality: In 2010, strikes by labor were at their second lowest level since 1947. In the last ten years there were 17 stoppages nationally of 1000 or more workers. (department of labor) 

    Rand Paul's position: Unions affect American Prosperity 

    Reality: Wal-mart is the number one employer in the United States. The average salary for a department manager is $11.33 per hour. The average salary for an overnight stocker is $9.57 per hour.(glassdoor.com) By comparison in 1986, working for a food store as an overnight stocker paid $8.50 per hour. ( I did that) NAFTA chased away American jobs! 

    Additional information: The average worker in “right to work states” make on average $5,333 less. they have less health care, higher poverty rates and higher infant mortality. Workplace death’s are 51% higher than in states that do not have “right to work”. (aflcio.org) Rand Paul’s petition for the Death of the Middle Class has become the harsh reality in many states already. If allowed to continue, the American dream could be lost forever and we all can be blamed as well. Ignoring the facts will be the reason we become a two class country. Rand Paul and his fellow GOP haters of the American worker are not interested in your “Right to Work”.

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