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  • Brothers & Sisters of Teamsters Local 89 Works Hard to Stop Right to Work!
    Updated On: Feb 26, 2012

    Citizens of Indiana have been Scammed by 

    Right to Work Laws - and it’s coming to Kentucky!

    Since 1955, 23 states have passed Right to Work Laws. I know on the surface the name seems as if you are being denied your constitutional rights, but this is a scam. RIght to Work does not give anyone a right to a job, but only works to shove our Unions into bankruptcy and drive your paycheck closer to zero. What this law allows is for our co-workers to have all the benefits, wages & protection you have, without paying there share to support our Union. Without money our Union will struggle paying to protect our co-workers wanting representation for free.

    The best evidence of this scam, is how wages and benefits for all workers are driven into the ground. Here are a few examples of what to expect:

    1. Workers will see there wages driven down $458 less a month. I do not know anyone including myself that could afford to lose $114.50 a week on there paycheck.  

    2. 12% of Workers who received Health Insurance from there job - will lose their Insurance.

    3. Childhood poverty rates rise 16%

    4. Workplace deaths soar 53%

    Our Union is not a business. We are nothing more than workers coming together with the common cause of raising our wages, working conditions and our standard of living for our families. It takes all of us to accomplish this difficult task and our dues pay for the negotiations and arbitrations that protect us. When our coworkers are allowed to receive these wages and protections that we have struggled for without paying dues, this destroys our solidarity and pits us against each other. Our Union will also have less money to support Negotiations, Arbitrations, Strikes & Education. This give’s corporate america a strong advantage in robbing us of what we already have. The more that opts out of belonging to our Union, the weaker we are. 

    We are proud of the effort by everyone to stop Right to Work in Indiana. During the course of the campaign, we had 20+ brothers & sisters who took off work several days to assist in lobbying and protesting there State Representatives. Everyone at Morgan Foods, Jeffboat, Holland, Ups & Fire King worked hard at getting petitions & postcards signed by there co-workers. Rick Stevens of Jeffboat did a great job making a video about how Right to Work destroys our communities for our website. We also had a large group of brothers & sisters who used there Facebook page to urge others to take action against Right to Work on our website. This resulted in our website sending out 3,146 emails to 22 Indiana State Representatives. Our Union Worked Hard!

    Now that Right to Work has been passed, we can only move forward by working to repeal it and keeping it out of Kentucky. The best way you can help with this effort is to participate on the shop floor. Talk to everyone about how important it is to vote for politicians who support union workers, regardless what party they belong to. Another way to help is to explain to new workers how our union works and how it has improved your standard of living. But most of all, Stick together.

    In Struggle, James DeWeese (UPS Union Steward)

  • Teamsters Local 89

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