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  • It's About YOU!
    Updated On: Jun 05, 2018


    As a member of Teamsters Local 89, the power is in YOUR hands!


    What the Teamsters and your bargaining committee fights for in contract negotiations is entirely up to you! Proposal meetings are held prior to every Teamsters contract so that the members can come and tell us what needs to be in their contract. Hollander workers will be the ones to decide what should and should not be included in their contract!


    You and your co-workers negotiate your wages, benefits and working conditions. Your bargaining committee is made up of your fellow Hollander workers. This committee will be present for every minute of the negotiations with Hollander management to assist and advise the Teamsters professional negotiators on what the most important issues are.


    You and your co-workers choose what contract you accept. Every Local 89 contract is accepted or rejected through a democratic vote. If the membership does not like the proposed contract, they can vote it down and negotiations will continue to push towards the contract you want. Democracy rules in a Teamsters workplace!


    You and your co-workers will be the only ones to vote on whether to strike or not to strike. This is done by a democratic vote. Only YOU, the members, can authorize a strike through a secret ballot vote!


    You elect your workplace representative, known as a shop floor steward. In a Teamsters Local 89 represented workplace, you and your co-workers will vote on which of you will fill this vital role.

    Whoever you choose to be your steward will be there to ensure that the contract between the Teamsters and Hollander is upheld, and to assist you if you need to invoke the grievance process.


    The Teamsters do not fight battles for you, we fight battles BESIDE you. You will always have the final say in what needs to be done, and Teamsters will be there to help you fight for the contract that YOU want.

    As a member of Local 89 not only will you have the highly skilled staff of one of the most powerful Local Unions in the country on your side, but you’ll also have the support of 16,000 members in the Kentucky and Southern Indiana area!

    That’s what union brotherhood is all about; standing TOGETHER to fight for the contract YOU DESERVE!

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