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    Updated On: Feb 06, 2017

    Apr 24, 2014

    UPS Air District Teamsters:

    Rest assured that the leaders and administration of Local 89 have begun to diligently pursue all viable options in response to yesterday’s unilateral decision by the IBT to impose the UPS final offer. The same offer you resoundingly rejected by 94%. This unprecedented move by the IBT is comes as a shock to all of us. Local 89 questions the legitimacy, legal basis and IBT Constitutional authority to force a contract upon the remaining 3 supplements and riders in the way that it did. Therefore, Local 89 will thoroughly investigate the matter and consult with the appropriate agencies and experts to determine what courses of action are available to reconcile this apparent abuse of discretion by the IBT leadership and its representatives.

    Local 89 is committed to keeping you informed as this matter progresses. Keep checking the Local 89 website, Facebook, and Twitter for updates.

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