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  • President Fred Zuckerman Wins Advancements in TeamCare--We Urge Members to Continue to Vote NO!
    Updated On: Feb 06, 2017

    Sep 19, 2013

    Acting in the interest of thousands of UPS Teamsters across the country, President Fred Zuckerman has made it a top priority to push for more enhancements to the current TeamCare plan offered under the National Master Agreement. In doing so, the hope is to obtain similar benefits to those that members are currently receiving under the UPS Company plan.  Just yesterday, Local 89 made considerable movement toward a plan consistent with the level of coverage demanded by the membership.   Among these recent advancements, Company officials made guarantees that they will continue the supplemental benefits currently offered under the UPS plan that are not offered under the current TeamCare plan.  The IBT was unaware of the existence of these supplemental benefits until Local 89 raised the issue. 

    While this is a considerable victory, we cannot be complacent.  We must continue to VOTE NO to ensure the IBT acts upon the expectations of the members.   Through Local 89 and the Vote No Movement, the IBT was given no choice but to respond to the many lingering issues created by a very concessionary and dangerous National Master Agreement.   Attention to the demands of the membership was a direct result of the many NO votes that resulted in the historical rejection of numerous supplements across the nation. 

    While Package Division Director and IBT Secretary-Treasurer Ken Hall has been busy wasting the members’ money on high-dollar PR campaigns and conference calls, the Vote No Movement and President Zuckerman have made it their mission to work toward solutions to the many issues of concern to the membership.

    Ken Hall is the very image of failed leadership.  The Secretary-Treasurer has not only tarnished the image of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, he has also subjected thousands of members and their families to a contract which fails to deliver the standard of living they deserve.  Further, he has seriously hampered the ability of union officials throughout the county to properly protect their membership from the ill effects of his botched National Master Agreement. 

    We have seen countless examples of incompetence and blatant disregard of duty on the part of Secretary-Treasurer Hall.   None was more evident than his failure to send federally required documents necessary to protect the member’s right to strike.  The result of this incompetence was a position of weakness in negotiations leading to a substandard National Master and many concessionary supplements.   Had Local 89 not exposed this breach of duty, one can only imagine the levels Ken Hall would have crawled to in his appeasement of UPS.    Had Ken Hall had the interests of the membership in mind when he engaged in negotiations with the Company, UPS members would now be working under a ratified agreement they could be proud of. 

    If it had not been for Local 89 and the Vote No Movement, members throughout the Central Region would be strapped to an inferior contract and health benefits. Both will continue to press for quality benefits and fair contracts, however this cannot be accomplished without YOUR solidarity and commitment to the cause.  It is now up to YOU ensure you get the benefits and contract you deserve!  Please continue to VOTE NO until THEY get it RIGHT!   

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